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"Life Thrugh The Lens" show opens.

The most recent was a joint show featuring color photographs by Tennessee Senator Howard Baker and Mississippi Governor Ray Mabus, and included images of landscape, flora and fauna, people and architecture from around the world.

As a 12 year-old Boy Scout, Howard Baker began an adventure with his camera that lasted a lifetime.Senator Howard Baker at a Wildflower shoot in 2008. His subjects are as fascinating as they are diverse. They encompass fellow members of Congress and many presidents; the heads of various foreign states; the broad range of people and places inPosing with a Grizzly bear. Washington, D.C. as well as the glorious, unspoiled natural vistas of his native state. Baker's carefully composed images, whether examining a bird or flower, or a distant misty landscape, underscore his mastery of the camera. Though he often worked in black and white, he is most widely recognized for his rich color images. Senator Baker says " . . . photographs that appeal to me are straightforward and simple and direct," and that The Whitehouse from the air.

"photography . . . may be the only place where I can reasonably aspire to perfection." His photographs have been exhibited across the United States and in Japan. He enjoyed a solo exhibit at the Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 2007, and, with governor Roy Mabus, an exhibit at the Mississippi Museum of art in Jackson, Mississippi in 2008. His work has appeared in Life magazine, National Geographic, and the books Howard Baker's Washington, Scott's Bluff and Big South Fork Country.